We’re thrilled to announce we have signed Sam Hennes with the agency. This week we find out more about Sam, his interests and why he wanted to become a model!

“Hi I’m Sam. I’m 19.

I used to live in Belgium and now in Ovington. I like do to sports like play football, darts, basketball, tennis…

I’m motivated when I work and always want to improve and work smart. I like to encourage those around me and I like to help those in need. Modelling gives me more confidence and it gives me a chance to get to know people in this business. I wanted to join a modelling agency for myself and for my future so I can build a career in this business. I’m open for new opportunities and I want a challenge myself.

I look forward to improving and learning things in this business and for me as a starter, I’m excited to go step by step for me to become a better model.”

Sam recently booked with lifestyle stock photography company, Sol Stock, who had great feedback for him:

“Sam had a great smile, was enthusiastic on the shoot and a pleasure to work with!”

We can’t wait to see what opportunities are ahead for Sam. Check out Sam’s model profile or if you’re interested in booking Sam/ collaborating on a test shoot, please email bookings@ttmmanagement.co.uk