Not all modelling jobs are glamorous and 3 of our models found that out on 25th November.
Out in the countryside of Wark a client shooting for a smokehouse in Bywell contacted us to book 3 models.

This shoot wasn’t for the squeamish as obviously in a smoke house there will be animals being prepared so it was a very hands on job.

Our client didn’t want anyone to be scared of touching any of the animals or equipment so it was important that the models were briefed properly and thoroughly so there were no issues on the day.

The shoot was booked within the day and the brief was sent. With very little to no mobile phone reception in the area, we had to make sure that our models were reliable and would plan their journey before hand. There could be no late arrivals for this one.

The feedback from the client showed that the models were efficient and their shoot day a success.

“There were no issues and everyone was happy to take part which made it a very enjoyable day overall”