Being a model can be great fun! But there are tricky parts too.

Tyne Tees Founder Lesley talks about an interesting article that appeared on the BBC NEWS website this week. Lesley briefly compares her 25 years experience running the North East’s biggest and longest established modelling agency with that of model scout Robyn Bright from London agency, Models 1.

Twiggy and Yasmin Le Bon started their careers at Models 1. Established 50 years this year, Models 1 has supported some of the world’s best known faces.

This week, BBC Entertainment reporter Steven McIntosh chatted to Robyn Bright, a model scout at the London agency. The main thrust of the interview was around what it actually takes to become a model.

Just this week the BBC explored what it actually takes to be a model.

A Numbers Game

It’s interesting for me to read about how Robyn sees aspiring models thinking and behaving. I see what Robyn sees, too. Many thousands apply. A few hundred are accepted. And maybe just a few dozen carve an enduring career. Being a model can be hard.


Patience is important. Making the effort so that, if you are good enough to be chosen you really do seize the opportunities as they come. I suppose there is a life lesson here. Stay positive. Keep working hard.

The Basics

Robyn and I are aligned on what the basics are too. The basics that make a good model. Confidence, coping with rejection, learning how to walk properly and perform in front of the camera – plus a determination to build a great portfolio.

Brands and Aspiration

The article, which was largely discussing female models also explored how brands are influencing which models an agency takes on. Clearly, if an agency wants to get work for a model we have to be aware of how brands are thinking.

45% of British women are size 16 or over. But far less than 45% of female models are this size. This is to be expected. Brands want create aspirational imagery and, whether one agrees with all the messages around this or not, it is not unnatural for at least some consumers to want be slimmer, younger and whatever else. Such is life.

Here at Tyne Tees Models we are however having conversations with brands that do not necessarily lead with an aspirational avatar. They are looking to celebrate what their target consumer is today, not what they imagine they want to be tomorrow.

And I like that.

Here is the BBC article in full: