On Friday 2nd June, Tyne Tees Models will say goodbye to their Miss Newcastle Competition after celebrating their 10th year.
‘The Year of Hollywood’ will see a celebration of a decade of the Miss England heat. Lesley Middlemiss Lister originally started the competition in 2008. When she was 18 she used to dabble in beauty pageants herself and always noticed how unorganised they were, and how little meaning they had. When she heard about Miss England and how long it had been established, she thought that was something she would like to be involved in. And so, Miss Newcastle was born- one of Newcastle’s most glamorous events. 
There has been many themes across the years including; Burlesque, Fairytale, Bollywood, Olympics, Circus, Gatsby, 007 and Carnival. Tyne Tees Models are very excited to celebrate their 10th and final year with a glamorous Hollywood theme. 
Miss Newcastle has supported many local charities throughout the years including Percy Hedley Foundation and Tiny Lives with this year’s chosen charity being The Sunshine Fund. Lesley has even contributed to the fund’s raised herself by trekking the Grand Canyon last year. In total the event will have raised over £85,000 for local charities in it’s 10 years running.
The event will take place at Newcastle’s Civic Centre, where 20 finalists will compete for the chance to be crowned Miss Newcastle 2017. 


For tickets please call the office on 01912373400 or email info@missnewcastle.com.