TRAVEL – NOBODY likes to travel around from place to place. Getting whisked away from one beautiful city to another. Or even sometimes from one beautiful country to another. Why would anyone ever put themselves through that? If you hate travelling to the world’s most iconic cities or warm exotic beaches, then modelling is not for you. Surely sitting at home watching TV is more appealing… right?
NEW FRIENDSHIPS – Meeting so many new people and creating bonds with clients is something you will end up doing a lot of if you are a model. Everybody in the industry wants to become friends with you and network with you. Other aspiring models want to hang out with you. What’s worse than being in a room full of exciting; fun, beautiful people who have 100’s of amazing stories to share with you? I’m not sure. Sounds awfully tiring.
WORKING WITH BRANDS YOU LOVE – Everybody has their favourite brand. Local and global. If you manage to get the chance to work with one of them in person, you may get a sudden star struck feeling. You get all fan girly and awkward and you start to question why you ever started modelling in the first place. Wearing all of the super expensive, cool attire and meeting all of the designers really is such a drag. Being catered for and being pampered throughout the day can also get really boring. Yawn!
GETTING YOUR HAIR AND MAKEUP DONE – Rather than spending hours on end sitting in your bedroom trying to get your favourite electric black coloured eyeliner to mirror a perfect flick on each eyelid for a photoshoot, you get to have real team of professionals making over your face to flawless perfection. Using all of the best quality products in the business. Why can’t they just leave us to our Barry M glitter shadow pot and MAC Lipstick which has been used down to the brim!?
IMAGES – Receiving images back from photographers who specialise in making you look fantastic and always getting your best angle is a task. WHERE do you post it first? Which one do you possibly choose for your profile picture? How are you going to play it off to your friends that you naturally have a fantastic posture and your hair is always sleek and curled by the gods? We really don’t wake up like this… but we like to make people think we do. Your Instagram has never looked so good but it took a lot of preparation and time thinking about how to synchronise all of the best images.
As you can see being a model can be difficult at times and only for people who are prepared for the worst…
Who are we kidding! Modelling is fun, friendly and rewarding. The life skills and experiences you gain along the way make you more determined to push yourself. Yes it can be hard work sometimes, but it is so worth it seeing a happy client, making new friends and being part of an agency who are like family and want nothing more than to see you succeed.