Over in Tyne Tees Models HQ we have been doing a lot of new changes, rebranding and more exciting secrets. We like to keep all of our models in the loop so they are on the top of their game and constantly providing excellent quality services to our clients.

The postman has been very busy these past few weeks. Making sure each and every single one of our models on our books received the special BLACK ENVELOPE.

This contains all of the necessary information and top tips for us to share with our models to indulge in and learn from to make sure they are being exactly the kind of model we like to represent – effective and memorable. Remember one of our mottos; We don’t just give you a better model, we give you a better business.

For all of our lovely models who have received their envelope – please let us know your feedback and make sure you keep us up to date! Thank you so much for sending over so many fantastic selfies of yourselves with your pack. We will continue to be the solid foundation for you to stand on and we are thrilled to have so many wonderful models represented by us.

As always, remember – Mother knows best!