Which Model is Right For Your Brand?
Perhaps the first question is whether you even need a professional model for your fashion brand. After all, models are just people right? Anyone can stand there wearing clothes. We all do it every day.
Maybe. Maybe not. The following will help you decide.
If your fashion brand is indeed a ‘brand’ – you will stand for something. You’ll have a story to tell. You’ll be distinctive. And you’ll be passionate about telling your tale clearly, accurately, consistently and quickly.
Any decent professional model ‘gets’ fashion brand stories. It’s what they do. They soak it up. Then they perform!
Could a non-professional model do this so well? Tricky!
The Balance Between Aesthetic and Professional Model Behaviours
Models do of course provide a visual context consumers can’t get from (say) mannequins. They bring your work to life physically. 

But their behaviour is important too. What they look like. How authentic they appear. How they interact with the camera. Authenticity is a big thing these days. That’s why brands are switching from a traditional model look to ones that may resonate more with audiences. A less traditional look maybe, but always with the same professional model behaviours. That overall look. That stance. That walk. That expression. The willingness to be styled appropriately. 

Consumers want models that look like them, or what they aspire to become. But they must also present the clothing beautifully well. Aspiration and authenticity play a big role in the fashion world. 

Do It Once Do It Right

But perhaps most importantly of all in the case for using professional models – is cost. 

Don’t let a non professional model cost you more than a professional one

Let us explain…

Before, during and after your shoot you are going to invest time. A lot of time. And you’re going to ask a whole host of other people to invest time too. Location manager, photographer, stylist, hair stylist, creative director/storyboarder, lighting provider.

And if your model is wrong. Everything is wrong. It’s obvious really. If the person wearing the clothing doesn’t understand or tell your story you’re in big trouble. Nothing works. And they need to connect with the photographer and whoever is directing too. Without this ability to take instruction things can get rather slow! 

Slow. With the wrong images at the end. Not what you want.


A professional model is not expensive. Think about how you want your audience to think about your brand and cast fashion models that represents that in personality and look. Then you can work together with your agency to get amazing results. 

Good luck!