Natural is always best for your Polaroid shoot.

If you’re a model or aspiring model invited to a casting or professional Polaroid shoot, it’s very likely that Steph will be looking after you.

To make Steph smile – please follow these few simple steps:

1. Have Clean Washed Hair. No extensions please. No curling and no straightening either. Go natural.

2. Have Minimal Or No Makeup. No heavy base layer. No false eyelashes and no heavy eyebrows. We love freckles, birthmarks and everyday blemishes. Your quirks can be attractive and intriguing so please leave them be.

3. Dress Simply. Nothing too extravagant please. Blue or black jeans, white teeshirt. Nothing too skimpy but we should be able to see your general shape. And not too much jewellery.

Dress simply to a polaroid or casting opportunity. 

4. Things To Bring And Be Prepared For. Ladies, please wear flats and bring heels. Bring a hair bobble, hair brush and makeup wipes and be prepared for hair up and/or hair down photos. Guys, we may ask you for bare chest shots. Everyone should be prepared for an appointment that could last between 15 and 45 minutes and for both stills and video. We may want to record how you move and present yourself.

5. Professional Starts Now. Please be slightly early. Present yourself to your agency or potential client professionally and politely at all times. Remember, success will come not only because you look the part, but from being great to be around too. You’re always communicating your personal brand – even when you think you’re not.

You’re always communicating your personal brand – even when you think you’re not.

6. Take The Advice On Offer. Here at TTM we’ve seen tens of thousands of models. Some make it. Some don’t. We’re here to help so listen hard to the advice and guidance on offer.

Finally, remove visible piercings unless they have specifically been requested. And if you plan to change your look significantly in the next few weeks, a dramatically different hairstyle for example, let us know. We may delay the shoot.