This is genuine feel-good news from Tyne Tees Models that we have been keen to release for a while now. It’s feel-good because we are, after quite a bit of thought and planning, announcing two great things together:
Firstly, TTM has created and is now rolling out a new model category within our business, TTM INFLUENCERS. This new category will develop further as we move through 2018. 
Secondly, we will introduce – in this Blog – one of our very first TTM INFLUENCERS in person. In the coming weeks, you will meet more.
A TTM INFLUENCER delivers client messages brilliantly, as do all TTM models. However, because TTM INFLUENCERS manage their own personal brand extremely well, they themselves have superb ready-made reach. In fact, a TTM INFLUENCER has three kinds of reach: 
A TTM INFLUENCER has Explosive, Relevant Reach. This means that he or she can make the client brand stronger by association alone plus they can offer immediate and explosive message delivery to a ready-made audience. The influencer’s personal brand is clearly aligned to the client brand so there is automatic reputation enhancement for the client, plus the client brand reaches a huge, already engaged and potentially ready-to-buy audience within seconds – over and over and over again.
A TTM INFLUENCER has Transparent Reach. This means that the actual people he or she is reaching can be seen, counted and understood. There is zero ambiguity about the audience that the brand can reach. The brand can actually see the following they can talk to on the influencer’s platforms.
A TTM INFLUENCER has Real Reach. TTM Influencers are checked thoroughly.  What this means is that a TTM Influencer has real followers; guaranteed. They have signed TTM documentation confirming that their following has grown organically over time. Their followers are real, engaged fans. Always earned – never bought.
Meet Our Very First TTM Influencer:
Name: DeAndre Yedlin
Age: 24
Nationality: American
Occupation: Premiership footballer (regular first team, Newcastle United)
Instagram: 270k followers. Average likes per post: 15k. 
Facebook: 39k followers. 
Twitter: 383k followers. Average likes per tweet: 3k. 
Combined reach: 1m (approx)
Brand experience:
Enquiries: Please email or call 0191 237 3400.