For the third time in a row this month’s ‘Lesley’s Comment’ blog is based on the ever growing and influential This Girl Can campaign.

It has helped many women across the globe to start exercising and becoming a better version of themselves.

The Numbers

The campaign has already helped over 2.8 million women to embrace physical exercise and now the goal is to encourage even more women to lead active lives.

We have watched young women to senior adults take part in the incredible movement and it even features women with disabilities too.

The drive and fight that This Girl Can brings to women across the world in today’s society gives confidence and value to what females achieve.

Even though the campaign is based around a sports background, we’re sure you will agree that since it’s launch there has been a worldwide change where the ladies are empowering the globe.

Diversity always has been and always will be a passion close to our hearts and we love the new direction that marketing campaigns are taking.