It has been quite a whirlwind following our 10th and final Miss Newcastle competition! We finally got the chance to catch up with our winner Alisha Cowie to hear all about her experience and future plans…

What did it feel like winning Miss Newcastle?

Winning Miss Newcastle felt like a dream. The first pageant I entered was Miss Newcastle in 2016 and I didn’t get a place in final so I decided I would apply again, then to win felt so amazing. I felt like it was meant to be and that the time was right for me.

What do you plan to do in your year as Miss Newcastle?

In my year as Miss Newcastle I plan to continue my modelling with Tyne Tees Models as well as keeping up with my charity and volunteer work, within my local area.

How will you be preparing for next years Miss England?

In order to prepare myself for Miss England I will be working hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I will also be working alongside my sponsor, Bijoux; I will do this by hosting charity events with the help and support from them and maybe some events hosted at Bijoux. Leading to Miss England I will be making public appearances alongside charity and volunteer work.

Who is your inspiration and why?

Audrey Hepburn is my ultimate inspiration. I love her so much. She is was so giving with an elegant and graceful nature; to me she is perfect and I aspire to be just like her.

Can you explain you experience being Miss Newcastle 2017 finalist and the relationship with the other girls?

My experience as a finalist was great! It was so fun getting to know new people and making friendships. All the girls were brilliant and unique. All of us got on so well, I think that is because we all had the same goal and we all appreciated the fact there was going to be one winner and also that we all wanted to be crowned Miss Newcastle. We all helped each other along the way and making sure others were feeling good and confident. It’s important to cheer each other on.

What charity work did you undertake in preparation for the competition?

Leading up to Miss Newcastle I personally raised £715; I did this by hosting my own events such as charity fashion shows, online raffles and organising my own fundraising pageant.

What are your future plans?

My future plans are to go to university and study Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Science. I will also like to continue my modelling to see where it can take me. However, I am thinking of taking a few months out to travel and volunteer abroad.