Today on the blog, we speak to business student Jamie Yates. Jamie has been modelling for a number of years and came onto our books in 2015. He has since worked with many local brands such as Psyche, Aphrodite, Nigel Cabourn and Le Breve. Jamie tells us about his career highlights,  inspirations and what he enjoys most about being a model. The gloves are off… 
What do you enjoy most about being a model?
I’d say the travelling and getting to see how everything gets put together behind the scenes to make the final product – and feeling privileged enough to actually be a part of all that.
What is your career highlight to date?
It’s a hard one to say because I’ve got to keep some things quiet until they come out next year which might take that place, but I shot in Ingle’s Boxing Gym for Scotts Menswear’s sports range for autumn/winter this year which I loved. My family is from a boxing background as well, so to shoot somewhere like that was amazing for me.
When I was a kid I wanted to be…
World champion boxer haha. Still kind of do sometimes, we’ll see what happens down the road.
In five years time I hope to be…
Healthy, wealthy and wise.
My biggest celebrity crush is…
Eva Mendes, what a woman.


If I could travel to anywhere in the world it would be:
New York City, walking around there and taking it all in would be a great experience. 
My dream brand to work for would be:
Stone Island.
Who is your inspiration for being in this industry? 
My Parents, they both support me fully in accepting that I do this full time which would be a bit scary to hear your kid say given that the industry can be so demanding. I love them to bits and they inspire me in more ways than I can count.