We are constantly posting about how well our models are doing. We love to show off the skills, charm and hard work each one of our models on our books provides.
Today, it is time to shine a little light on our child models! Our children are the beating heart of our agency and we are forever feeling proud that they are capable of showcasing the same drive, determination and effectiveness as our adult models. So, we decided to create a model insight this week on our very own Maggie Gunton.

Maggie has been signed with Tyne Tees Models since 2013. She has worked alongside some fantastic clients and brands like Barbour and Build-a-bear. A little fun fact about Maggie – Her uncle Adam Gunton is also signed with us too!

We thought it would be lovely to ask Maggie a few questions to answer in her own words, let’s see what she had to say.

What do you enjoy most about being a model?

Going to new places, having lots of fun and meeting new people.

 What has been your favourite job?

Barbour shoot in the Lakes District where we stayed in a beautiful hotel. There was friendly dogs to play with (Maggie Jo is normally scared of dogs) and they even had drones flying. The people from Barbour were lovely and gave me hot chocolate and lots of nice things in eat.

What would your dream job be?

My dream job would to be a model for Disney!

Do you enjoy meeting new people? Have you made any new friends whilst being with Tyne Tees Models?

Daniel has been my model brother twice and I got to meet his real brother on my last shoot.

If you could have any super power what would it be?

My super power would be to read other people’s minds.

If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

I am happy, kind and loving.

Who have you worked with so far? 

Build-a-bear, Seven Seas Vitamins, Barbour and Sol Stock Photography.

Mum! – This question is for you! Do you think modelling has had a positive influence on Maggie? How?

Maggie Jo is surprisingly shy in certain situations. It’s amazing as a parent to watch her come alive in front of the camera. I’m in awe of her. She has a natural ability to follow direction and knows perfectly what is being asked of her. It is only recently that I told her she gets paid for modelling, she thought I paid Tyne Tees Models as a day out or treat! It’s a perfect way to start saving money towards her future and she absolutely loves it. It has given her great confidence in mixing with adults as well as children. I’m extremely proud of her, in her behaviour and in her work.