Name: Vicky

Born: 1995

Time At Tyne Tees Models: Started in 2015

Brands worked for: Barbour, Designer Desirables, Coast, Alnwick Garden, Holler Watches.

What job have you most enjoyed doing? I enjoy all of my work but I work regularly with barber so I’ve got to know the client really well and it’s nice to go and feel comfortable and know what the client is expecting of you.

What do you enjoy most about being a model? The fact that every day is different. You could get sent to a casting or do something commercial that’s outdoors and you never know until you get a brief through so you never get bored!

What is your career highlight to date? Probably walking in London Fashion Week. I walked for Vin and Omi last year in their SS16 presentation. It was an unbelievable experience and I got to meet some really exciting make up artists and even got a few freebies! I would love to go again!

What shoot have you been on where you feel you and the team had a tangible effect on the client’s business and brand performance? I would say the Alnwick Garden bridal shoot that I did last year. I got really good feedback from the client and worked great with the other models. The client even brought me back to do a second shoot which they hadn’t previously planned!

What would your dream modelling job be? I know everyone says this but it’s got to be Victoria Secret, or Calvin Klein. I’m comfortable doing lingerie modelling and I’m really into my fitness and looking after myself so modelling for a brand that is so iconic and well known for choosing girls with a toned physique and specific look would be my ultimate job!

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to work in the world of modelling? Don’t take everything to heart. When first starting out, you’re tempted to think that when you don’t get a job it’s because there is something wrong with you. But it’s nothing wrong with you, you just might not fit the brand! I used to think ‘oh, why am I not skinny enough, why am I not tall enough’ and it’s not about that, you are a brand in essence in yourself and you have to be in line with the client’s brand values. It’s easy to be critical of yourself but it’s more about you be confident and comfortable in your own skin so I’d say don’t take everything to heart.

Before taking part in Miss Newcastle did you ever want to be involved in modelling? Yes! I always used to watch Britain’s Next Top Model and I always used to want to do it but when I was younger I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and it wasn’t until I got to university that I became more confident of myself. When you’re younger you’re so impressionable and you see in magazines a certain type of woman, but it’s not about that, it’s how you move and portray yourself.

Has modelling helped you with any other aspects of life? Definitely! My confidence in particular has grown so much. I’ve been on a promotional job where I was painted head to toe gold, because we were supposed to be bond girls, and I remember I was really nervous because you have to talk and approach people. I’d been modelling for about 6 months, and starting to build up confidence and I thought ‘on every job I do I meet new people and talk to them, I can do this.’ Now I could walk into a room and speak to people, I’m not phased anymore. You realise you sometimes you have to be outgoing and if you’re a bit more bubbly and a bit more confident at a casting, sometimes it’s that extra bit of personality and that gets you noticed/remembered. Even with doing my journalism degree I have to interview people and it’s given me that confidence in approaching people.