Alnwick Garden Commercial – My Alnwick Rose
One of the world’s most contemporary gardens lives right on our doorstep here in the North East of England. The Alnwick Garden – a public garden full of classic symmetry and astonishing beauty is located in Northumberland and attracts people from all over the world to view its amazing landscape and structure.
We at Tyne Tees Models were very happy to collaborate with the gardens to create a brand new TV advert that will be sure to bring a tear to your eye! The video captures a loving relationship between a young boy and girl. Which throughout the seasons and years grows into something beautiful, just like the garden each year. Bringing families together and showcasing undeniable beauty.
Featuring Vicky, Fergus, Janine, Dorothy, Erin and Nick.We think our models have done a fantastic job at pulling on your heart strings and we can only recommend you take a look for yourself, but be aware… you may need a tissue on hand for this one!


Find the video on the official Alnwick gardens website here: