‘Nude is not a colour. It’s a concept.’ – Christian Louboutin
Fashion mogul Christian Louboutin has yet again defied norms by curating a new range of ‘Nude’ shoes. The French designer has recently released seven different tones of two iconic styles after a member of his team quite rightly reminded him, ‘beige is not the colour of my skin.’
Four years later, the Nude range is now here! 
The ‘Nudes’ are made so that women of all skin colours can enjoy the red sole footwear instead of this only being catered for a Caucasian women in past years. 
Many other brands including lingerie companies have started to recognise this divide, and so it seems the term ‘Nude’ has been reinvented. 
The fashion industry should celebrate diversity at every opportunity and as an agency that represents a range of ethnicities we are glad to see that Christian Louboutin are taking a step in the right direction.