Olivia Hamilton is living her best life in Milan as she fulfils her placement with Major.

We love following what she has been up to as she attends castings for a variety of jobs such as runway, showrooms and presentations.

Olivia expressed her excitement, “Milan has been more than what I ever imagined. As Fashion Week draws closer I find myself working 11 hour days, which truthfully can be exhausting. However, the thrill of finding out I’ve booked a job or even called back gives me that little spur of energy to keep me going!”

“The city itself is beautiful, and despite the craziness, Milan still manages to wow me. I feel honoured to even have had the opportunity to come out here, as I’ve gained so many life skills and independence. Roll on fashion week!”

You can get in on the action on Monday as Olivia takes over our Instagram Story with ‘Milan Mondays’.