A week on from Donald Trump’s Inauguration and people are still talking about the outfit of America’s First Lady’s. Melania Trump sported a blue Ralph Lauren suit for the event — a union which has conjured divided opinions.
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Some have praised Ralph Lauren for encouraging unity after designing for political opponent Hilary Clinton throughout her campaign. Others have turned against the designer saying that they will no longer be supporting or buying from the brand. The hashtag #BoycottRalphLauren began trending on Twitter and it has been reported by Ralph Lauren that they have been receiving complaints.

However Ralph Lauren defended his decision to the New York Times explaining: “It was important to us to uphold the tradition of creating iconic American style for this moment.”
This presents with a key issue in branding. Brands have to be very careful of who they choose to associate with. It’s essential that the values of the brand’s faces are in line with the brand’s values. One difference in opinion, public appearance or news story can affect customer loyalty and impact sales.

Here are a few examples…

-David Beckham was photographed using an iPhone after taking upon the role of brand ambassador for Motorola landing him in trouble with the company.

-Rihanna appeared in a series of adverts for skincare brand Nivea however the brand decided she was “too sexy” for its family image and ended its association with the singer.

-After being accused of substance abuse Kate Moss was dropped from Chanel’s advertising after years of modelling for the brand. Ethic oriented H&M also terminated their contract with Moss after customer complaints.

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Whilst these are extreme examples the message is clear — a model can greatly affect your reputation. Models need to act professional and serve as a reflection of the brand, both on camera and in everyday life. That’s why at Tyne Tees Models we only take on models who we trust and can rely on to do a good job.

We know that you need to be incredibly careful and selective with who you choose to endorse your brand. With over 3000 models on our database and a experienced team of staff we aim to provide you with the perfect look and values for your brand’s needs.

Vicky for designer retailer Jules B