Today we have the pleasure of continuing our series of In Depth TTM Partners with photographer and friend Graham Oliver. Graham and Lesley met each other 28 years ago when he was shooting her modelling portfolio in Newcastle City Centre. They have had a working relationship ever since and Graham is still very closely involved with Tyne Tees Models, being our longest standing Partner.

Graham has been a photographer for 51 years starting at the ripe age of 16. He has shot all over the world and still puts all of his energy into his stock photography business, still shooting at least three times a week.

We hope you are all as inspired as we have been over the years by this amazing photographer…

What do you enjoy most about being a photographer? 

I love the challenge of every shoot , especially when its a difficult lighting situation, after 50 years I still love what I do.

What is your career highlight to date? 

I have had so many highlights; working in South Africa, The Alps, America and Australia. But the biggest thrill I get is when an image becomes a best seller on Getty.

What would your dream job be? 

It would be nice to do a job where you were not under a time, cost or creative restriction. Some art directors can be very demanding.

What advice would you give to an aspiring photographer wanting to start working in the industry? 

Don’t drink during the week, so you can come into work with a clear head.

Who is your inspiration for being in this industry? 

My creative team in the office are my biggest inspiration. I have never really looked at other photographers and thought I want to be like them, I have always just done my own thing. I admire other photographs not necessarily the photographers, because you never know whether it was just dumb luck, a big budget or actual skill that achieved the image.