When coming in to the agency for a polaroid or video update, we aim to show you at your absolute best. So in return this must be treated as if it were a booking. Who knows – it may lead to one! 

We like to send out polaroids to potential clients, placement agencies, update your website profile and sometimes even to post on social media. 
Here’s some simple tips on what you need to know when coming in for Polaroids…
Please just be yourself! Keep in mind that your outfit is clean, casual, plain and well fitting… but also with a slight flare of your own personal style. This is to show enough of your individuality (which we love here at TTM) but simple enough for clients to see the main features of your face and body shape. 
Make-up must be kept minimal – or even none at all. We’re looking at you models with the freckles, don’t hide those beauties! 
We have a fabulous new intern Emma who has been briefed and moulded into creating fantastic imagery and video of yourselves. You can find some examples of these on our Instagram @tyneteesmodels or her own @emmacass_dy – have a little peek to get a feel for the style we aim for.
For new polaroid updates get in touch with Steph– if we ask you to come in directly this is super important so please make sure to make time for this. Updates are a MUST!

Take a look at some example polaroids and showreels of our lovely models!