Miss England is one of the UK’s oldest female beauty pageants. This year it is 62 years old.

Most 62 year old things, we would widely acknowledge, have changed. So how strange it is that the beauty pageants of today are still perceived by many to be the same as those in the 1950s.

In our experience, today’s pageants are quite different.

That Was Then

To judge a person just on the waviness of their hair or how well they can navigate a catwalk in heels was, for some unfathomable reason, enough in 1955.

Today, in our world, it is quite a different story.

The Real Beauty of the Beauty Pageant

Tyne Tees Models has delivered the Miss Newcastle event since 2006. 2016 was our tenth year.

Whilst we recognise and can smile warmly at the beauty pageants of yesteryear – we recognise only the following in our tenure.

We recognise over 200 young women that, somehow, mustered the courage to model amazing fashion  brands in front of thousands of strangers.

We recognise over 200 young women that managed to articulate their values and ambition – authentically, clearly and concisely on a brightly lit stage.

And we also recognise and celebrate the confidence shown by these young women from the North East of England.  Every one from our first winner Sophie Gradon to our latest winner Charlotte McIntosh.

And finally, we recognise and are humbled by the good that the £60,000 raised will have done for 20 or more charities.

The Future of the Beauty Pageant

Here at Tyne Tees Models we are stepping down from running Miss Newcastle in this our tenth year, to concentrate on our modelling business and other charitable events.

But we predict that that pageants that celebrate the talents, confidence, communication skills and poise of women, men, children and niche groups such as Miss Plus Size UK and Miss Transgender UK will go from strength to strength.

And we love that idea. In the world of modelling stereotypes tumble every day. We stay ahead of the game here at Tyne Tees Models of course as we build and launch new niches within our business regularly. 
And we are proud that our pageants have been a springboard for many a career in not only modelling but TV, acting and presenting too.

Famous Pageant Participants
If you attend our 2017 Miss Newcastle event at Newcastle Civic Centre, you will see 20 bright and brilliant contestants.

And if you had attended similar pageants over the last 50 years, are you aware that you may have been sat there watching the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry, Michelle Pfeiffer and Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

So there we go. Who knows where our 2017 finalists may end up?