This week we speak to new face model and aspiring actor and singer, Emilia Fisk-Ndah on why she was so excited to be featured in The Beautiful North Campaign, the jobs she has worked on and her advice for those that are keen to be involved in the industry. Find out more below…

What do you love most about living in the North East? 

One thing I really appreciate about living in the North East is how connected the creative scene is, including visual arts, performing arts, music, and much more. There’s always a motive and new opportunities to network and meet like-minded people, meaning creative output and content is never lacking. Up here, individuals make an enormous effort to provide a more interactive and inclusive atmosphere surrounding creativity. Coming from someone who has moved around a lot, I’m grateful to have found somewhere that gives me the foundations I need to discover my voice.

What is your favourite modelling job that you have done?

Although I’ve only been modelling with TTM for a few months, it’s hard to decide which modelling job I enjoyed most! My first couple of shoots were very exciting as I was meeting new people and embarking on a journey that would eventually lead me to my dream career (Insha’Allah). Interestingly, the group dynamics were so natural which helped me feel at ease; everyone was friendly and welcoming. That being said, as I became more acquainted with the other models, every shoot has been memorable: from planting trees at Donna’s field in Corbridge (after which we enjoyed some hot campfire soup and scones), to a Christmas Market shoot which highlights as one of my favourites since the other models were two of my closest friends who had newly joined TTM; and finally the Beautiful North Shoot, which felt like a turning point because not only would I be represented in the Campaign blog post, but the models with which I bonded reminded me that I am appreciated and accepted; at the end of the day we all have something valuable to give to others. Hopefully, clients will find value in learning more about the North through following TTM’s Beautiful North Campaign. Whether it’s the photoshoots, the people, the opportunities, the locations, there’s something for everyone.

What advice would you give to a new model in the industry?

As with any industry, the most important thing is to follow your heart! Understandably, as a newbie in any department, you may not entirely know what your end goal is, or who you are yet, but by staying true to your intentions and taking advice from trusted people who want the best for you, you will eventually find yourself. Development is a journey of failures, recovery and accumulative successes, so take every negative and positive encounter in your stride and you will excel.

Beware of others who may try to take advantage of you, take calculated risks when great opportunities present themselves and don’t forget to have fun! Looking after yourself and radiating positivity will get you far.

Interesting fact about yourself?

Speaking of following your heart… I am an extremely spontaneous individual and in the past, I would do whatever made me happy in the moment; In 2019, I withdrew from my foundation year of Art & Design at university to travel abroad and become a live performer in Greece. Truth be told, it didn’t turn out as I imagined however it led me to everything I have achieved so far, down to this very moment as I’m typing. What I’m trying to say is at the time I followed my heart, and now I’m turning my dream into reality, bit by bit. I am much more disciplined now than I was at the time, but still carefree and adventurous, though I feel that having a clear vision of what I want in the long term helps me make more ‘informed’ spontaneous choices.

What made you want to be a model?

My main interests are acting and singing, but I have always enjoyed being in the spotlight and I have years of stage experience. Following my impromptu adventure to Greece, I enrolled on my Performing Arts course to pursue my passions. In the past, I hadn’t done any screen acting but I have an interest in it. I believe the commercial side of the modelling industry will help me gain experience working in front of a camera, as well as becoming more informed on the industry. I’d like to use my model experience, social network and opportunities available to me as a springboard into my desired profession. Apart from that, modelling for me is another form of art that gives me the freedom to express my creativity and individuality through my wardrobe and digital content.

Why should more clients shoot in the North East?

In addition to everything I mentioned above, there is a lot of hidden talent in the North East, and many hidden gems. Although I have already lived here for 3 years, I continue to find out new things about the North East and I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon as there is plenty to explore. In the North East, not only will clients feel welcomed by the hospitality of Northerners, they will also enjoy the transition from bustling cities to a slower-paced atmosphere. Creatives here are always looking for opportunities to represent themselves, which would bring more exposure to clients interested in working in the North East and give creatives access beyond the North East. Personally, if I were a client the green tranquillity of the North would be the perfect place for creative rehabilitation; I would take advantage of the connections to build stronger, equitable relationships between the client and creative scene and expand from there.

If you are interested in booking Emilia, please contact our booking team.