All new models will find themselves nervous on their first assignment. Sometimes a little guidance and advice is all you need to relax and calm your nerves.
Model and ex-Miss Newcastle Vicky Turner gave us some tips and tricks to take into consideration.
Whether you are new to the modelling game or have been here for a few years, the below list is always going to be helpful.
1. Having fresh hair and skin for a shoot is essential. Don’t turn up with layers of fake tan on as it can not only damage the clothes but it can be difficult to light.
2. Before going to a shoot make sure you have read the brief thoroughly. If you are unsure about anything don’t hesitate to contact the agency.
3. Don’t wear tight clothes, skinny jeans and tight tops will often leave impressions on the skin and create more work for the photographer post shoot in editing.
4. Make sure you are wearing the correct underwear. If it isn’t specified, the safest option is to turn up with nude underwear on.
5. Follow up shoots where you can. Feedback is always great from the agency and can help with advice for future bookings.
6. Eat healthily before a shoot to stop yourself feeling sluggish. Make sure you take lots of snacks and water just in case food isn’t provided on a full day. It isn’t always provided so make sure you are prepared.
7. Try and get to a shoot ten or fifteen minutes early to introduce yourself to everyone and give time for the set up.
8. Network as much as possible, being friendly and approachable is key to making contacts in the industry.
9. If you’re uncertain of a shoot location and are making your own way there, try and do a dummy run a week or so before.
10. Practise, practise, practise! It sounds cliché but pose in the mirror and walk in a long corridor to build up your confidence. Flick through magazines to look at poses, don’t copy them exactly but use them as inspiration.