As we move through 2018, long term TTM client Fenwick continues to modernise and reorganise.
Most notably perhaps is the brand’s investment in Fenwick’s multichannel offer (including IT upgrades and e-commerce) alongside its flagship Newcastle store.
Fenwick Online
And – at last – modernisation finally means a web store for Fenwick. The business is still one of the very few nationally known names that doesn’t operate a transactional online presence.
CEO Robbie Feather is leading the change at Fenwick. Robbie, who is still quite new to the role, is the first non-Fenwick family member to run the chain in its almost 140-year history.
Challenging Times 
The British high street is an increasingly competitive place. We hear this a lot. But the Internet won’t replace the shops. Just like it’s not replaced books and newspapers.
It’s a privilege for TTM to be working with Fenwick. We will continue to do whatever we can to help strengthen their excellent brand.
Great messaging, superb images, fabulous in-store Point of Sale and special customer service levels will go a long way in helping this British institution to go from strength to strength.