Introducing TTM Influencer Chris Williamson… Chris has been a Tyne Tees Model for over 10 years and competed on the very first series of ITV’s Love Island. Chris is now the director of Voodoo Events and Host of the Modern Wisdom Podcast.
Name: Chris Williamson
Age: 29
Nationality: British
Occupation: Director of Voodoo events and Model.
Instagram: 63.6k followers. Averages likes per post: 1.2k
Facebook: 9.1k followers. 
Twitter: 35k followers. Average likes per tweet: 80
Combined reach: 250k
Brand experience: Reebok, Nasty Lifestyle.

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What Makes a Great Influencer?
Great influencers think like business people. They are entrepreneurial, they understand that they themselves are brands and their contribution is the key factor to their own success and the companies they promote. 
Great influencers have three kinds of reach:
A great influencer has Explosive, Relevant Reach. This means he or she can make your brand stronger as they are already engaged to a potentially ready-to-buy audience.
A great influencer has Transparent Reach. A good influencer should have clear data relating to their audience, too. 
A great influencer has Real Reach.  This means that their following has grown organically and over time. Their followers are real, engaged fans. Always earned – never bought.
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