Believe it or not even models have trouble with their skin too.

They take care of it and keep it moisturised, hydrated and exfoliated however some still struggle to keep it clear and in tip top condition.

When the client approached us to promote a makeup and skin care brand, their requirement was a model with troublesome skin.

We know our models better than anyone else and we know which girls do struggle a little bit.
This made our recommendation perfect for them.

After contacting Cindy and Sophiah they were both excited to work with the brand, promoting a product that they could also introduce into their daily routine.

What The Models Did

As well as looking pretty and having a day of being pampered, they were filming tutorials with makeup artist Jo Leversuch and talking about their skin problems.

The videos were to try and help other people with the same or similar skin conditions to see that this product could give them the confidence that they may think they need.

If you’d like to see the final videos from Cindy and Sophiah’s booking you can view them on Veil Cover Cream’s website:

The client wanted models with skin troubles and that is what Tyne Tees Models delivered. What would the point be in promoting a makeup product to conceal redness or acne with a model who has the most perfect skin?

“The models from Tyne Tees Models were very professional and polite and the end result for our cosmetics brand campaign was exactly what we imagined. Sophiah and Cindy have really brought the campaign to life and we will certainly be using Tyne Tees Models again in the future for further campaigns.”
– The Creative Alchemist, Marketing Agency for Veil Cover Cream