By Vicky Turner.

In the world of modelling there’s a number of factors that can go wrong and cause a few hiccups. From your mobile phone battery dying on the way to a casting, to shooting outdoors in terrible weather conditions where your makeup can come off in a matter of minutes. Over the past year and a half, I’ve picked up a few solutions that have helped to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible (well on my part anyway) and these can all be kept in your bag!


Endless lipsticks. I’m a bit of a lipstick fiend so I will carry three or four in my bag at once and the chances are I’ll only use one at a time and I’ll run it down to a little stump. My favourite lipsticks are Mac’s ‘Yash’ and ‘Taupe’. They’re both nude shades so great for just adding a bit of colour to my lips for castings and adding that extra pop.


I always keep my diary to hand in my bag. I’m constantly juggling modelling with university, my job at Topman and my promotions job in town. I’m a bit of a ditzy person so if I don’t have my diary on me I’d be constantly guessing the days I have free. It’s a bit old school but I’m a visual person so seeing it down on paper makes it a lot easier for me to remember my schedule.


For me it’s essential I have a bottle of water and a snack with me. My days constantly change so I never know when I’m going to sit down for a big meal so I’ll bring a few snacks to keep me going. I always try and keep hydrated too so having a bottle of water in my bag is always handy.

Make Up

I like having a little kit of makeup with me even if I know makeup is provided for a shoot. It’s very rare but if the makeup artist doesn’t turn up I know I can quickly put on a base layer of makeup and the shoot will still go ahead.

Phone and Charger

My phone charger goes with me everywhere I go. On the breaks of shoots I always go on my phone either to do uni work or to check my social media so it quickly drains the battery.


I love having a bottle of perfume in my bag, my favourite scents at the minute are Chance Chanel Eau fraiche and Paco Robanne’s Olympea. I often put it on as soon as I get up as if I’m wearing clothes by a designer I don’t want leaving a perfume smell on them.

Underwear (yes, you heard it right)

People often look at me funny if they’re searching for something in my bag, but I always carry a spare pair of nude underwear. I’ll always wear nude underwear to a shoot but sometimes they aren’t exactly right so I’ll always carry spares in case.


My purse is an obvious choice. The amount of times I’ve been on the way to a shoot and I’ve had an empty tank of petrol and I’m so glad I’ve had my purse on me!

Vicky x