Model: Lauren. Photographer: Dean Hindmarch. MUA: Kayleigh Hardy

Why is it important to have a makeup artist for a no makeup-makeup look you ask?

The same reason it is important to have a plumber fit a sink or a mechanic change an engine. Because when it goes wrong, it can go very wrong.

The no makeup look has been a very popular choice for photographers and clients for years. A natural and fresh looking face can be great for all imagery.

Whatever the reason behind it, the client needs confidence knowing that it is going to sell their product.

Even big brands use a natural look in their advertising. At the end of 2014, Givenchy had a ‘no makeup mood’ for their Spring 2015 adverts which featured Julia Roberts. There was very minimal hair and makeup involved and the end result was amazing. Did they have a makeup artist for this? Yes! Genevieve Herr.

Makeup photographs different to how you would see it in person. It takes a skilled artist to know what to apply for what angles and lighting which was the case in this very high profile campaign.

Model: April. Photographer: Dean Hindmarch. MUA: Kayleigh Hardy

Makeup in the working world

In 2012, a photographer and makeup artist from America wrote a blog post with tips and advice for photographer’s portfolio sessions. Before she goes into any details the first thing she says is that she encourages all clients to book a professional makeup artist. Simply because they know what they are doing.

The best clients will know that booking a professional makeup artist (even for a no makeup look) gets them the best results. Getting the right person for the makeup is just as important as getting a good photographer. Having a team who knows what they are doing is going to ensure you get the result from your campaign.

Model: Ashley. Photographer: Dean Hindmarch. MUA: Kayleigh Hardy