New Year. 
New Feels. 
New Chances. 
Same Dreams. 
Fresh Starts. 
Team TTM are very excited to welcome 2019 with open arms and although we are the same fabulous team as before, we have a few personal resolutions we are hoping we stick to for more than just the month of January! 
Take a look at how we will be making positive changes this year:
I do endeavour to make New Year’s Resolutions, but like most, they don’t seem to last, so this year I have decided to keep things simple. 
So no ‘let’s start the gym’ and ‘fad diets’, I’m just going with the flow.
1. Rid myself of Junk & Be more organised
2. Just do one task at a time (I’m terrible for giving myself mammoth lists of things to do)
3. Stop worrying about the unimportant stuff it may never happen
1. Spend more time with the hubby
2. Embrace every moment of family life
1. Be here for anyone who just needs to talk
2. Enjoy life to the full… who knows what tomorrow will bring
1. Take time away from social media and stop scrolling. Easier said than done! 
2. Travel and get out more. Explore new places.
3. Start a new interest or hobby. Something creative that I can dive into.
4. Start running more.
5. Open myself up to more social activities. With the new house move I feel totally hidden away in hibernation! 
1. Encourage more people in the workplace to recycle, I’m watching you all, especially you Stephanie!
2. Buy more plants, my home currently looks like a jungle but I like it that way. 
3. Like most people, it would be nice to lose a few pounds after Christmas so I’m heading back to the gym with TTM.
4. Get out the house more on walks and adventures.
5. Read more books.
1. To start and finish yoga training. I’ve always threatened and learned here and there. But I’d love to complete a few classes! 
2. Start listening to a new decade of music. Working my way through the ages. 
3. Try to cut back on my wine intake. 
4. Stop kidding myself about cutting back on my wine intake – who am I kidding. I AM WHO I AM.
5. Have a massive clear out from all of my clothes. I’m such a hoarder and I don’t think my wardrobe can take any more pressure. Bearing in mind I only wear the same 5 outfits over and over.
6. Enjoy myself and remind myself that I don’t need to change to have a great year. That’s the point of New Years. They have started a fresh, not vice versa. Same Steph, Different Year. What’s wrong with that?
1. To use less plastic; especially with water bottles! I feel I use too many when there’s such an easy solution. I’ve found a great one by a company called ‘Memo Bottle’ which fits into your bag super easy. ( 
2. Travel more further afield. I’d like to go somewhere exciting at least once a month! Sometimes I feel I work or sit around the same area too much so would love to use my free time to experience more culture. I’d love to have more exciting contributions to make to clients and projects based on travelling experiences.
3. Focus on my personal development and dedicate more time to fulfilling goals which lead to greater milestone achievements. Rather than focus on the bigger picture, in 2019 I’d like to focus on the little things that lead to them, and notice their achievement. À la ‘Watch the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves’.
1. To be genuinely happy and healthy, my face may not say it all the time but it’s on the inside I promise!
2. To stop one sip of Prosecco turning into a full bottle and a half. La Gioiosa, you have my heart. 
3. To work out how to show an emotion other than crying.
4. To accept change and look at it in the most positive light.
1.   Stop worrying so much and be happy, what will be will be. 
2.   Buy Less and Buy Better. I have far too many clothes and bags!
3.   Plan my remaining dream travelling destinations.
4.   Finish writing the book I have been researching and talking about for such a long time.
5.   Persuade Lesley to allow us to have an inhouse Prosecco dispenser.