ACAI Outdoorwear, a UK based activewear brand for ‘conscious adventurers,’ have become a regular client for TTM Management model, Laura Rose, who has shot with them three times over the past year to promote the brand’s ‘revolutionary outdoorwear.’

“ACAI encourages you to embrace your individuality, strength and uniqueness. We have a passion for stylish and functional outdoorwear, which is matched only by our love for the outdoors.”

TTM Management have worked alongside ACAI to bring their vision to life through matching models to missions. 

The brand was so pleased with how Laura Rose performed on the shoot;

“Laura was amazing ! We are very keen to work with her again in the future!”

“As always Laura was a huge asset on set, she always brings such a light and fun energy to the shoots. We know they are super hard work!”

“As we loved working with Laura so much on our previous shoot, we would like to option her for 2 weeks in 2022.”

Check out Laura Rose on the ACAI website and instagram, linked below:


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