On a cold November Sunday, Tyne Tees Models were invited along to an outdoor sports shoot.

Braving the cold we went along and kept behind the cameras to watch as about 10 young models took part in activities such as hurdles, long jump and track courses. There were a few adult models there playing the roles of teachers, trainers and sports coaches.

When speaking to the client they told us that the aim when booking the models was to find children and adults who already had a sporty background or lifestyle.

Luckily when the client approached Tyne Tees Models with their very specific brief, we knew which models would be up for such a physical day.

As a professional agency we are here to follow our clients’ brief to make sure that their end result is what they were wanting to achieve all along.

The goal for our client was to show young models in a sports environment proving that they are still very strong and unique individuals.

“We can’t risk having a model come along to a sports themed shoot for them to not be athletic at all. It ruins our shots and it feels like a waste of time and money for us. Thankfully Tyne Tees know what their clients need and we had no problems on the day. No challenge was too much for both the agency and the models they sent along and it really made the shoot the best it could be. We were so thrilled by the end of the day with the shots that we got.”