TTM recently collaborated with G-Staras they returned to Intu Metrocentre with their brand new store.
Ten of our models made up the ‘Model Army’ which dressed in G-Star Denim Boiler Suits, marched through the malls in formation stopping at various parts of the centre to distribute marketing materials.
The models were then posed as real-life mannequins in the shop window drawing attention to the cool attire they were sporting. Passerbys couldn’t help but stop and take photos of our striking guys and gals.
Rowanne from Portas Agency representing G-Star said, ‘The models were fab and super professional. G-Star were really pleased with them and how they represented the brand. Thank you so much to TTM for their support with pulling this together so quickly for us!’

Take a look at some of our Behind The Scenes shots!

Models: Cait Apps, Rebecca Everett, Raphael Barber, Alan Die, Jamie Yates, Deeann Shotton, TanzyDiji, Chisanga and Kunle.