The new Spring/Summer 2017 collections are out and in full swing where designers and shops are preparing for the warmer weather.

We headed along to a fashion shoot last week with two of our models, Alexandra and Joseph.

They were wearing the newest collection from Spark Etail, a company promoting ethically-conscious buying and looking to make it a daily part of the retail mainstream.

Supplying a range of fair trade and organic clothing and sharing with their clients the background information of each product is what makes them greatly different.

When we arrived on set the shoot was already in action. The quirky studio was tucked away just off the A69 making it relatively central but also hidden just enough to give a nice peaceful atmosphere away from the city centre’s hustle and bustle.

The photographer was directing Joseph and the stylist arranging the next sets of clothing to be shot.

It was very fast paced but the client was happy with the results she was getting.

The small team was made up of photographer John his assistant and makeup artist Sarah from F.A.C.E makeup artistry.

When speaking to the client she let me know that they use the same team on every shoot so the feel of the images doesn’t change.

She changes the models for each season so their look matches the clothing.

We found that there was almost a full  buffet of food and drink available for the models and photographers so we knew that this client was certainly looking after their team!