People may think that modelling is just standing in front of a camera and looking pretty or taking a few steps on a catwalk but being a model involves time and preparation before a shoot goes ahead.

by guest blogger and model Vicky Turner

The night before, I often make sure I eat a nice healthy meal and drink plenty of water. I don’t want to wake up feeling sluggish so eating light foods and keeping hydrated makes me feel fresh the next day.

A good nights sleep is vital. No client wants a tired and grumpy model with bags under their eyes from a lack of sleep. I feel much more confident when I’m alert and it makes the day go by much smoother.

I always turn up to a shoot with fresh hair and skin so prepping the night before means I’m not rushing around the day of.

The morning of a job I’ll often wake up and grab a quick piece of fruit just in case breakfast isn’t provided on set. I’ve been lucky so far that all the clients I’ve worked with have been really generous and often provide food and drinks.

Depending on what I’m booked on really depends on how the day goes.

I normally arrive fifteen minutes before my start time just to meet with clients and hair and makeup to see how the day is planned out.

If I’m on a fashion shoot in an inside location I’ll try and nibble throughout the day on little bits of food rather than have set meals.

Video shoots and catwalks vary, often because the green room is further away from the set so I just take breaks when I can. I don’t mind not having long waits though as I often want to be on my feet doing something.

After a shoot I’ll always thank the client and everyone involved personally. Building a rapport with clients and artists is so important and can help secure jobs in the future.

Then it’s often home for a bath and bed, I’m often so tired after a full day but it’s definitely all worth it and the next morning I’m already wanting to shoot again!