Model and suicide awareness ambassador, Alisha Cowie has launched the “I’d Tell Me” campaign alongside her “Fitness February” fundraiser. The campaign has the purpose of dismissing all the myths we heard growing up surrounding fitness, dieting and anything alike.

Growing up Alisha struggled with bad eating and exercise habits and all the information she knew was either from word of mouth or from social media. Neither of these sources are accurate unless it was from a professional. Her campaign aims to dismiss these myths to help people understand the truth surrounding these topics, to make them realise that a lot of things we read are untrue and sometimes very damaging.

She wants to help others to feel empowered by looking back to see how far they’ve come, whilst alerting others on the myths they shouldn’t believe.

Alisha would love for anyone who wants to be involved to get in touch so they can get on board with this campaign, in the hope for it to be powerful and reach as many people as it possibly can.

Alisha can be contacted via Instagram @_lisha_pie and @lishafit