Preparing for and attending a casting is just as important as an actual booking. There are many elements that should be considered to ensure you present yourself as well as possible to the potential client. Take a look at our checklist for casting tips of the trade:
Check your measurements– Make sure to double check your height and statistics. The client more than likely has exact measurements they are looking for, so it is very important that the stats we are sending over are correct on your profile.
Check the dates– When confirming you are available to attend the date of the casting, make sure you are available for the potential dates of the job. There is nothing worse than the client loving you and then them finding out you are on holiday for the date of the booking.
Appearance– Unless told otherwise, arrive to the casting with clean hair and natural make-up. Ensure you have an early night the evening before and your skin is looking fresh.
Research the brand– Take some time to understand the brand. Have a look on their website and social media pages, find out what they do and the kind of aesthetic they like. This may influence your wardrobe for the casting.
Calculate your journey– When you have the address of the casting, calculate how long this will take you and leave yourself plenty of time to be there early for your allocated slot.
Timing– Casting’s can sometimes run over the time that was originally put aside. Make sure you give yourself some flexibility in case the client is running late. Just in case, bring along a snack with you and a bottle of water so you stay hydrated.
Portfolio– Check with the agency if there is anything that you need to bring along with you. The client may request that your portfolio is shown to them so make sure you are prepared for this.
Attitude– Be the best version of yourself. Arrive to the casting with a positive attitude.