It’s a great time for consumers. Lots of great brands. Lots of great choice. 
However for the brands themselves, this makes it really difficult to stand out. So, in our over-communicated world how does a brand get noticed and remembered? 
How to Stand Out
Lesley, Tyne Tees Models Founder has a view:
“The start-point is listening to the client – hard. Then thinking differently. TTM bookers are always respectful of the client brief. But, increasingly, clients develop the brief with us. We innovate – together.”
Lesley added: 
“For example, TTM has 7 sets of twins on it’s books. 
MODELS: (from left) Eddie and Oscar Harrison-Payne
“Our twins have many different looks and are of many different ages. Some are same gender, some brother and sister and some identical. 
“There is something about casting twins that can create real stand-out. 
MODELS: Beth and Jake Harris
“It’s not right for all brands of course. But interesting, well executed and unusual approaches can be amazing.”
MODELS: Evan and Hallie Jones
The TTM Senior Team meet regularly internally to think about how, as a professional agency, progressive approaches to the casting of models can really help a brand. 
Modelling in the twenty-tens is more challenging than ever before. The definition of a model is changing and diversifying continually. 
Tyne Tees Models Bookers welcome dialogue with client brands. 
Whether it’s a real stand-out campaign you’re thinking of, a more classic approach – let’s talk!