Kate Rose, Tutti & Co. founder believes life can be beautiful for all. Kate expresses this through her beautifully designed and made accessories, jewellery and home furnishings.

Home furnishings are an important part of the Tutti & Co. brand.

But Tutti & Co’s ‘beauty for all’ mantra doesn’t stop there. Her business contributes to the local community and environment, too.

Kate says, “I’m so lucky to be based on the beautiful North East’s coastline. It’s natural elegance is a strong influence on the Tutti & Co. aesthetic. It’s only right that, wherever possible, our business gives back and supports the local community too.”

The Tutti & Co. story is a compelling one. And – these days – Kate tells it with the power and clarity it deserves.

First there was the 2017/18 rebrand. Then came the appointment of Tyne Tees Models; the first time in over 14 years that Kate had used professional models. Here’s what happened.

Telling the Tutti & Co. Story.

MODELS: (from left) Lauren Marshall and Stephanie Grieve

Even a ‘beauty for all’ brand has a core customer. Kate explains:

“I love what we design. And I know who I am designing for.

“The Tutti woman is fresh faced, edgy and confident. She loves simple because simple means classic – and classic lasts. She knows her own mind. But she is complex, too. Sometimes sophisticated. Sometimes adventurous.

“The Tutti woman is fresh faced, edgy and confident.”

“I can write about her endlessly. But I craved the ‘silent storytelling’ power of superb imagery. Just the right models and just the right photographer. So I had to come to TTM.

“TTM help me communicate who the Tutti woman is. They bring my vision to life.

“TTM help me communicate who the Tutti woman is. They bring my vision to life.”

The connection between the brand and the customer is now stronger than ever. Fenwick has relocated Tutti & Co. to a more prominent store position because of the new imagery. And when I present to new retailers they get what I am about – and who I am for – instantly.

We’re liaising with Vogue, Grazia and Red Magazine. They’re busy people. These images have to speak for us.”

“These images have to speak for us.”

The Missing Piece

Lots of brands don’t define core customers clearly. And sometimes, even those that do are unable to find the models to storytell for their brand.

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