In this blog post the Tyne Tees Models team are giving a little bit of advice to young up and coming photographers working with our talent.
Over the past few months we have been working with so many new and talented photographers who are giving our models images that are boosting their profile and gaining them paid work.
When a photographer is first starting out sometimes working with a professional model can be a godsend but once you have made your hobby a career, you need to be able to take the lead by helping a new face model relax and direct them.

Nicolas shot by Craig Devlin

Teaching yourself

Working with a professional model can teach you many tricks from in front of the camera that you can carry on teaching others throughout your career.

Elena shot by Megan Jepson

The most important thing a photographer can do is to create a comfortable environment for your model. If the person you are shooting has had no experience at all, don’t be frightened to take a little bit of extra time with them explaining what it is you are trying to achieve and what it is they will be doing to help with that.

Start at the very beginning

Building a relationship could be make or break for what the outcome of the day will be. Get to know the model, see what they are willing to share with you (whether it is about their family, friends or what they do for a living) and keep the conversations going.

People say this industry is one of the hardest to break into but knowing all of the tricks of the trade and being friendly and relatable can help you get your name out there. You never know, you could even be helping the model become the best they can too.

Estelle shot by Dean Hindmarch