Model: Micah

We’re still loving all of the footage and images from the 2016 Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Getting to look through images of the Angels backstage and watching it all come to life has distracted us from our day-to-day work (oops).

One thing that has been brought to the attention of the world is the diverse selection of models who now strut down the glittery catwalk.

This year alone the luxury lingerie brand put a new record number of Asian models onto the runway. It may have only been 4 Asian women but comparing it to last year where there was only 2 out of 44 models, we’d say it’s a step in the right direction.

In recent years the underwear company has boosted their efforts to include all races of women in their shows.

Over the 21 years that we have admired the Victoria’s Secret show, they have constantly come under fire for not being very racially diverse or open to which models featured on their runway.

Model: Jenny

A Step in the Right Direction

2009 featured the first Asian model. In 2015 Maria Borges was the first black model to wear her natural hair on the catwalk, afro and her loose curls. Sui He has appeared in every annual show since 2011.

Doubling the number of Asian models for this year’s show was a good idea for them, whether it was strategic or not. Could it be because in 2015 Victoria’s Secret revealed plans to open stores across the Chinese market? Maybe.

There’s no doubt about it that VS have made a good move.

From increasing the different ethnicities gracing the runway, to handpicking which model gets to wear the infamous ‘Fantasy Bra’ which is always worth millions of dollars, the fashion moguls are definitely setting an example across the industry worldwide.

Model: Xai