We find that representing children can be really refreshing and rewarding. Our junior models tend to stay with us for numerous years and it’s great to see the confidence boost and social skills that children can gain. Modelling can also give an insight into the creative industries and prove to be a stepping stone into the creative sector.

To mark the reopening of our books to kids, we thought we’d give you a bit of advice in case you know anyone wanting to apply!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to give you a bit of information:


How do I apply?

To register your child we ask you to complete the online application. This includes two simple clear shots, and basic information and contact details.

If we are interested we will invite you to a test shoot to meet you and see whether your child is comfortable in shoot situation. The images taken will be used to represent your child and will be sent to you to keep. We ensure that all of our younger models are really enthusiastic and eager to be involved. We look for children who are well behaved and can take direction well. It’s important that they get on well with other children and have a positive outlook.

Does my child need a license to work?

Yes! It is required by law that they have a license to work however this will be further explained to you if your child is invited to a test shoot where there will be additional paper work to fill out.

How much will my child get paid?

This is a tricky question as it all depends on how long, who it’s for and what’s the usage of the images but it is generally around twenty five pounds per hour.

Alex Pudwell for Barbour International

Does my child need a chaperone?

Yes, a legal guardian is classed as a chaperone but in most cases the client prefers the chaperone to be a parent.

What kind of images can I apply with?

We ask applicants to send two clear head shots. These can even be taken with a good quality phone camera, they don’t need to be professional images! When booking junior models, it’s vital that we ensure our clients can see an uptodate image of their chosen model so we ask for uptodate images of our models regularly.

We hope this has helped but if you still have any questions please don’t hesitate to visit our website for more information.