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Every now and then the TTM Marketing Team will create blogs that give tips and insights for both brands and models.

Brands and Models – One Vision

MODELS: (from left) Antony Impey, Dzikamai and Dylan Yau

Some stories will reveal how brands can get the very best from investing in professional models.

Other stories will be for the models themselves, illustrating the amazing effect their involvement can have on a brand’s performance.

Two audiences. One vision. It’s all about improving brand performance.


MODEL: Aloysius

Here’s how male models can become super-successful by being super-effective for the brands they represent.

1. Manage Your Own Brand First. Arrive at shoots informed and upbeat. Your taking the client brand on a journey. Understand what that journey is, be positive and go for it!

2. Be Thick Skinned. “A male model has to be psychologically strong – there’s a lot of rejection,” says Max Rogers. “You have to accept that you’re either right for a job or not, and that the whole process is just a matter of someone’s opinion.” Ultimately it’s about what’s right for the client. It’s nothing personal.

3. Stay Flexible With How You Look. Counter-intuitively, it’s important for a male model not to get attached to his looks. As soon as you love your haircut, a brand’s stylist will change it. And be prepared to wear anything and feel good in it, at least for the duration of the shoot. Being a great brand storyteller, because all brands are different, means being flexible with how you look.

4. Be Flexible In Your Private Life. Your social life will be disrupted. There’s no nine-to-five. There are long periods of not working at all, and you may be expected to fly to the other side of the world next morning. As TTM has sent models to over 30 different countries over 24 years we’ve seen this – lots!

5. Polish Your People Skills. The male model that repeatedly gets re-booked, is the one that can put his ego aside, love the client brand and work well with the team. Shoots and catwalk events are major team enterprises. TTM pride itself on getting things right first time, every time. Great male models do, too.

6. Keep On Learning. Take advice from editor’s and photographers to understand your strengths and weaknesses; they will see you how the public will, which is different to how you see yourself. Work for the brand. Reach more, tell more and sell more.

This article has been adapted from a FASHIONBEANS article from November 2017 by the fabulous Josh Sims.

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