If you haven’t noticed already, we’ve had quite the bridal theme going on over our social media this passed few weeks.

This is because our clients are starting think of their wedding seasons which are coming up but what better time to talk about our gorgeous couples than around Valentines Day?

At the beginning of January 2017, a client approached us wanting a real couple for a bridal shoot in Sunderland.

Why a real couple?


Our client needed the romance and chemistry to be portrayed in the images taken and a real couple was obviously the best choice to achieve that.

Even the most experienced models can feel a little uncomfortable if they were working with someone they weren’t familiar with and who wasn’t their real partner.

The models who were chosen were Cindy and Antony who actually found love from working together through TTM.

Images from the day were taken by photographer Dan McCourt and they have been featured in The Bonded Warehouse’s new weddings brochure.

Feedback from both the shoot day and the final images has been great and our client was extremely happy with the outcome.

This gorgeous couple have had plenty of practice playing bride and groom recently so it’s no surprise they are a picture perfect couple.