Last weekend, Team TTM had the pleasure of spending a few days bonding in Amsterdam. It’s not very often we have the opportunity to switch off from Newcastle city life, so flying the team to the Netherlands was the perfect escape. 
Known for it’s extraordinary architecture and elaborate canal system, we were keen to explore the spectacular surroundings. 
The favourite mode of transport in Amsterdam is of course, the bike, so that we had to try. Armed with our cycles we set off across the cobbles. It was extremely difficult, and very scary getting to grips with the system but after a couple of hours of cycling we felt we had seen so much of the beautiful city that we definitely wouldn’t have found on foot. 
As part of a family of creatives, camera equipment comes with the territory so every move that we made was documented. We hope you like some of our images!  
Team TTM like to leave our mark wherever we travel so we attached our branded padlock to the bridge and threw the keys into the canal. Make sure if you are visiting to let us know if you see it!
We had the best weekend and we can’t wait to make you look again at our next team bonding trip!