In April we had the pleasure of sending a few of our models to work alongside Common Era Ltd to create some fantastic lifestyle images for Inkospor  – a leading brand in the field of sports nutrition in Europe. With some of our models being pro athletes, they were not shy to put their skills to the test for lifestyle and sports photographer, Ryan Edy. The team worked well together and really brought out the essence of what the brand is all about. Precision and effectiveness – which is also what we strive for within our agency too. Effectiveness; providing the best models for the client to work together to go the extra mile – in this case, literally!
Tyne Tees Models: Athena Taylor, Janine Craig, Gary Procter, Natalie Lyon, Dan Wootton and Liam Collins


Be sure to check out more of Ryan Edys work at: or on his Instagram: @ryanedy
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