Each month we ask one of our models to come into our office and help us give an insight into what it means to be a Tyne Tees Model.

On 2nd November 2016, one of our scouts from Major Models Milan came to see us and some of our girls for potential work in the Italian city. We chatted to some of the girls about their modelling career so far.

Name: Deeann

Age: 16

Time at Tyne Tees Models: I first joined Tyne Tees in September 2014. I was only 14!

Brands worked for: I’ve mostly been working on building my portfolio for the past few years but I’ve worked with some amazing people including photographer Michael Smalley, makeup artist and I’ve shot with La Di Da magazine 3 times.

What do you enjoy most about being a model?: Just being on a shoot in general. It’s so fun and it’s great to just talk to new people. I’ve made so many memories and new friends from working. So I think the thing I enjoy most is the friendships you can make.

What is your career highlight to date?: It has to be my first front cover that I got for La Di Da! Everyone is so proud of me and my mam has loads of copies of the magazine. I go to see my Nana and she has almost like a shrine of my best shots in her house. It’s so cute.

What shoot have you been on where you felt it went better than expected?: I can’t say that it went better than expected but I think the La Di Da shoots have always been amazing! The agency know the models so well and they always click and gel on every shoot I do. You guys always choose the best team for the job.

What would your dream modelling job be?: Definitely to work with Mario Testino and be part of his towel series. That would just be amazing.

What advice would you give to anyone new to the industry trying to get into modelling?: Don’t get disheartened. If you’re not right for a certain job don’t worry. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! It is a very tough industry to be in but you model because of the way that you look and you can’t and shouldn’t feel like you have to totally change that. It’s a waiting game and you’ll be right for someone one day and believe me it will be worth waiting for because they’ll love you.