Each month we ask one of our models to come into our office and help us give an insight into what it means to be a Tyne Tees Model.
This month we spoke to Lyndon Longhorne.
An aspiring Paralympic swimmer, entrepreneurfull time student, and part time model. We chatted with him about his aspirations and how he manages to balance his personal endeavours and his modelling career.
Name: Lyndon
Born: 1995
Time With Tyne Tees: 2 Months
Brands worked for: SolStock, UnparaLLeled Fitness, work with multiple photographers. 
What do you enjoy most about modelling?: I really enjoy the fact that you’re always doing something different. Whether it’s in a studio environment or working outside in different weather conditions or inside on a family shoot. It can be anything. I especially enjoy it if it’s sports related, where my main passions lie. 
What is your career highlight to date?: I think my biggest achievement would be setting up my own business. I’ve managed to balance my intense training with having my own business and additionally some modelling work. It’s all busy busy busy! 
Do you feel like you’ve been on a job or event that you feel has exceeded expectations and been a success?: I feel like every shoot so far has gone quite well. I think I’ve really connected with the clients which is great because if you connect with them, it makes producing the work that they’re looking for so much easier. 
What would your dream modelling job be?: Can I say for my own brand? I’d just like to see what comes in the future. Of course going for high-end, luxury fashion brands would be a massive achievement.
What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into the industry?: I would say it’s not just for the generic models, like those you see in Next or Primark. It’s also about how you feel and and what messages you want to deliver. So whether you have a disability and you want to increase diversity in the modelling industry or you just want to get out there for the fashion side, I’d just say give it a go!