The star of today’s model story is Sarah Hannon, who has returned to the modelling world and re-joined our books at Tyne Tees Models after taking a break from the industry. Sarah has been lucky enough to work for some amazing brands in her career and travel to cities all over the world. We are so happy to have her back with us at TTM and can’t wait to see what opportunities arise for her in the North East.
What do you enjoy most about being a model?
I most enjoy working with many different people everyday so no day is ever really the same. I love the travelling and all the opportunities I’ve been given to see and live in so many different cities and countries around the world.
What is your career highlight to date?
When I first moved to London, when I was 19 and I was booked for Timotei. I went on to do three TV commercials which took me to the American Rockies and New Zealand, which was an incredible experience! I was also booked for French Connection which we shot in North Carolina. That was an amazing shoot too. I’ve been very lucky in my profession.
When I was a kid I wanted to be…
I have no idea what I wanted to be when I was a kid! But I began modelling when I was 12 so my career was pretty much planned out from there on in I guess.
In five year’s time I hope to be…
In five year’s time I hope to still be modelling! I took a long break and at the age of 43 I’m only just getting started again. I have also always wanted to develop property. I have two flats at the moment that I rent out and have worked a little on but I’d love to do a bigger project. But of course, I ultimately just want to be healthy and happy.
My biggest celebrity crush is…
My biggest celebrity crush is Jake Gylenhall. He’s a fantastic actor and also pretty easy on the eye!
If I could travel to anywhere in the World it would be:
Right now it would be either Ireland or South Africa. I grew up in Ireland and miss it so much, I had a wonderful childhood. I’ve lived in Cape Town and absolutely adore it.
My dream brand to work for would be:
I would love to do another hair commercial for any of the major brands, such as L’Oreal, Pantene or Tresemme.
Who is your inspiration for being in this industry?
My inspiration is my mom. When I first began modelling we had very little. Even though she was working three jobs and studying for her degree at university she spent every spare minute doing whatever she could for us to ensure we had a better life. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her.