‘Glamorous’, ‘Fashionable’, ‘Superior’. These are words that a lot of people associate with modelling and come to expect. However, contradictory to what you might think, the industry involves a lot more than what meets the eye. In this blog post we debunk the myths that surround and can tarnish the modelling industry.

Models work everyday

They often don’t work every day as an agency will only put people forward for the jobs which are appropriate for a certain client. In a busy period models can be working three of four times a week but obviously pay can vary. Once models are established and know clients well then regular bookings are easier to come by.

You keep the clothes you model

If you’re lucky sometimes the clients will allow you to keep a garment of clothing as a good will gesture but often the clothes for shoots are expensive. Clients will have sometimes borrowed the clothes from designers or shops so will need to return them.

Modelling is easy

Modelling isn’t easy but with practise it definitely comes a lot easier. Some days can be harder than others but practising poses and knowing your angles before a shoot means that being in front of the camera becomes a breeze.

Models are catty

The North East modelling network is a really friendly environment to work in. Most models that work in the industry are there to get the job done and don’t get involved in gossip. Some models will obviously be friendlier than others but it’s important to just be yourself on jobs.

Models have to be super skinny

This is perhaps the biggest myth. Models come in all shapes and sizes and having something different about yourself sets you aside from the rest. We have a wide range of models on our books and none of our models look exactly alike.

Models featured from top to bottom: Lauren and Natalie. Jamie. Vicky.