Model: Cait
Born: 1997
Time with TTM: 2015
Brands worked with: Vin and Omi, The White Tshirt Company, Teenage Cancer Trust, Hooker and Young, Mark Jobson, Dean Hindmarch, Georgia Clare, At Sisters, Jake Cook, Adam Thirtle, Adam Barnsley, Always Wear Red, Abby Cook, Y Salon.
What do you enjoy most about modelling?:
I like how there is such a range of things to do within the industry for example it isn’t just posing. There’s lots of different things to do and experiences to have depending on the booking. They’re all different. I’ve even boosted my photography skills which I’m so happy with.
What is your career highlight to date?:
It would probably have to be working with Vin and Omi where I walked in London fashion week so far. It was such an amazing experience and great to see how it works at big events like that. Hopefully there is more in the future that could over take that though.
Have you ever been on a job where you feel it has been a success and exceeded your expectations?:
Definitely! I’d say the job I’ve just done with At Sisters and when I worked with Hooker and Young. It was a big change and I took it well which I feel made the client happy too. Personally the change works for me and it encourages me to step out of my comfort zone. I never thought I would ever do hair work but it has totally opened many doors for me and boosted my confidence. It even helped me get more jobs when I first changed my hair with Hooker and Young. It was possibly the best thing I did for myself in my modelling career so far so that was a success for me.
What would your dream modelling job be?:
That’s a difficult question! It’s hard to say what your dream job is because there are so many possibilities you can’t pin point your dream. It’s hard to pin point so I guess I’ll find it when it comes about. When I find it I’ll know that I want to do more of that kind of work I guess! But it will probably be something really wacky and out of the ordinary.
What advice would you give to an aspiring model?:
Maintain a good attitude and don’t take things to heart. Don’t forget nude under wear and Vaseline on every single shoot, they are essential! Just be yourself really, I definitely think the client gets the best images when the photographer can capture your personality.
You work quite close to the agency as you are based in the office so do you see a different side to how this industry works from behind the camera?:
It’s really good to see how much time and effort the agency spends getting the best for their models. Its hard too because the models don’t see this kind of behaviour such as all of the work they are being pushed for and the maintenance of their card and when models think the agency aren’t really doing enough for them, they are actually constantly working on getting the best for them. Obviously TTM aren’t going to tell you every time they send you out for a job but I feel like other models need to know and they can sometimes forget that the agency is always doing everything they can for us all. It’s easy to forget that this is work too and there are a number of people relying on you as a model so I see how frustrating it can be when things don’t go to plan.